The purpose of this newsletter is to equip you with a set of useful Frameworks, which you can make your own.

I hope these Frameworks work as keys to help open doors in your mind to succeed at your goals and improve your life.

So what’s a Framework?

The Cambridge dictionary defines the word in two ways

  1. The ideas, information and principles that form the structure of an organisation or plan

  2. A structure around or over which something is built.

I intend to :

  1. Distil repeatable models which …

  2. … you can use as a frame to build extraordinary works.

What is the source of these Frameworks?

I joined an MNC straight from school and left it 27 years later as President of a Multi-Billion dollar global business. Along the way, I learnt these Frameworks, and they were instrumental to my success. These are not things that are explicitly taught in business or business school - but are magic doors that allowed me to go places and achieve things that I did not think I could. These Frameworks were the keys to my doors of opportunity. And they can be the keys to yours as well.

Along with my Frameworks, I intend to crowdsource, collect and curate Frameworks from others and share them with you. If you have a brilliant Framework that you would like to share with the world, please send it to me at

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I had a 27-year career leading and building a multi-billion dollar business. On the way, I learned Frameworks that are not explicitly taught at work or in school. These Frameworks are magic keys that unlocked my opportunities and could unlock yours.